Charlotte, NC – Finally Arrived


Well, as I noted some weeks back, the past weeks have been a time of deep transition for me.  After living in the Atlanta, GA, area for a couple of years, my wife landed her dream job at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte.  At the same time that this was finalized, I was called to Buffalo, NY, in order to train people who will train people who will replace me, effective 30 September.  After 12 years with the bank where I have worked my day job, my position is being ‘off-shored’ (shipped to India, basically).

While I was not happy about this life event, I learend a long time ago that spirit works in very mysterious ways so, rather than wasting time being angry about the unfairness of it all, I smiled and nodded, agreed to do what was needful and put it out to my friends in other places that I wanted the doors that needed to be opened, opened, and those that neeeded to be closed, closed.  Since that time, several opportunities have arisen, some of which will result in my changing jobs inside the bank rather than leaving entirely.  I continue to discern the proper path for me.

This past Friday, though, my wife and I watched the movers drive away with our belongings and then got in the car and drove to Charlotte.  We spent the night in a hotel and then met the movers on this end.  Our belongings are here and unpacked and I am working at settling in, in my own arcane way.

I walked around the house and lit incense this morning, visualizing and affirming the removal of all energies not of our making and the transmutation of those energies to perfect and beneficial forms.  Nothing fancy as I have not felt the need for a full on banishing since I arrived, just a little house cleaning to get the spiritual cobwebs out of the corners and blow the dust off the etheric surfaces.

Our apartment faces out into a wooded area and, unlike the urban forest around us in Atlanta, this one seems to be teeming with spirit life.  I am already catching the tell tale flicker out of the corner of my eye that signals faery presence and will need to spend some time making offerings and developing a relationship with the spirits that inhabit this place.

While I had no objections to living in Atlanta, I never had the sense, as I did when I drove into Charlotte to make it my home, that I was really welcome.  Altanta is a great city but the spirit of the place is not nearly as welcoming as the one in my new base of operations.  I think that this may be a matter of my spiritual tuning (I lived in North Carolina as a very small child so may have some resonance from that time) and not much to do with Atlanta but I can not really say.

What I can say is that I had the sense, driving down the 85 into Charlotte of the way being opened for me.  I have a great feeling about this new adventure and, once I recover from the move, I am going to take advantage of my vacation to get to know this place better.  For now, though, I am going to play with and do a little obedience work with my small dog and enjoy the fact that I am done moving for a while.

Addendum 02 August 2016 0850


Here is a little picture taken from my front porch this morning which gives you a sense of my new place.

About 0500 this morning, I was awaken by what sounded like a scream but then turned into the deep hoot of what sounded like a very large owl.  Wonderfully creepy and resonant with the vibe of this place.  More as I explore both the inner and outer realms of the area.


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