Grays – Part 2 (Etheric Explanation)

In my last post, I talked a little bit about the UFO abduction phenomenon and pointed out that the beings who accomplish these abduction appear to have a fairly set method of operation and that that modus operandi has been seen in other lore (such as faery lore) for some time. In this article, I want to put forward some ideas about abductions that are going to make me very unpopular with the UFOlogical mainstream.

I think that the first thing we have to look at as we try to “get a handle” on what is happening during an abduction is where the information is coming from. It does not require much reading to see that the typical abduction case starts with an individual (or, in some cases, individuals) who has had a troubling event occur (such as a UFO sighting and subsequent missing time) or who is suffering from PTSD like symptoms despite not having incurred any recent trauma. A well meaning investigator has a hypnotic regression performed and the abduction scenario unfolds. The natural assumption amongst almost all investigators is that the victim is being taken by aliens from another world flying high technology spacecraft.

As I have said previously, I have a lot of trouble with the outer space alien theory. It simply does not make sense to me that a race technologically advanced enough to make its way across a galaxy or galaxies, would have much interest in a planet full of bipedal apes intent on blowing each other up or that these aliens would be unable to totally erase the memory of any meeting with them. Given the “aliens” fascination with human reproduction, again, I wonder why? Surely a race of beings advanced enough for interstellar travel could find ways of taking samples that were less invasive and painful than those described in many abduction scenarios.

While many UFOlogists still seem to cling to the “space brother” ideal, a small minority of researchers such as John Keel, Jaques Vallee and Mac Tonnies, have taken another perspective. I am probably butchering their well thought out arguments but basically they have proposed that the “aliens” in question are actually from another dimension and that they do not have our best interests in mind. I am quite willing to go a step farther and say that the “aliens” that people are facing are 1) creatures of the Otherworld, specifically beings who can move from the astral into the etheric and, 2) interested in human beings only as a source of “food”. Furthermore, it is my belief that the so-called UFO abduction scenario does not happen on the physical plane.

Quick definitions from magical lore
Etheric: that plane of existence closest to our own – a sort of mirror world of our own plane of existence which some say forms the lattice upon which our physical world is built.
Astral: that vast plane of existence beyond the etheric peopled by all manner of unseen beings, some positive and some negative – the astral substance is effected by the thoughts of humans, at least at the “lower” levels, but can also provide access to more exalted beings such as angels or gods.

So, if we listen to the magical folk of the world, who have been doing what they do and exploring the other planes since the dawn of recorded time, we find that, as I have said in another post, there are beings in the Otherworld (my catch all term for both planes) that view humans as nothing but a food source. They thrive off the emotional energy of human beings, especially the more raw and primal emotions – fear, anger/rage, lust etc. We are going to call them Negatives in this article but be aware that they take a variety of different forms depending on what they are trying to accomplish.

If you consider abductions in this manner, it quickly becomes evident that this is the perfect set up for Negatives to provide themselves with an ongoing food supply. Let’s take the example of the individual who has a memory, under regression, of being paralyzed, floated out a window, taken to a craft, experimented on and eventually returned to the bed. The person was either sound asleep when this happened or perhaps they wakened slightly. In any event, they are still in the deeper levels of brainwave activity (theta, delta or lower), the brain waves that are associated with sleep or deep trance and the times when the “body” that correlates to the etheric (the etheric body) is most able to “escape”. The beings in question take hold of the etheric body and do exactly what the person ends up remembering only it is happening in the etheric, not on the physical plane. Once the Negatives are done scaring the bejabbers out of the person and having a little feast, they plop them back into their body and move on.

Now, that scenario, in and of itself is scary enough but the Negatives are not content to have a one shot meal. Once they have their hooks in someone, it appears that the Negatives will often return to victimize that person again. In addition, the Negatives have developed a wonderful method of instilling low grade fear and anxiety around these poor people by “revealing” to them various apocalyptic scenarios. Of course, the abductee is a fisherman from Mississippi so he or she has no “pull” and therefore feels even more helpless. To make matters even more fun for these sadistic entities, friends of the abductee may start seeing UFO’s and investigators who specialize in such things can recount a plethora of high strangeness which occurs when they get involved with UFO’s in general and especially with abductions. The Negatives are having a field day feeding on all the energy made available by their manipulations.

John Keel points out in his writings (I strongly recommend The Mothman Prophecies for a taste of the craziness that goes on around a UFO investigator) that the Negatives have adapted over the course of time. As I have mentioned, they started out using faeries and faery lore for their “legend” but, as humans moved to a more technological bent, they adapted, first using airships, then the foo fighters of World War II, then flying saucers to keep up with the state of human imagination. Nowadays, there seems to be a move toward more “organic” UFO’s and huge triangular mother ship type “craft”. Anything to soften the humans up, make them a little afraid and perhaps indicate to the Negatives where their next meal might come from.

In part 3, I am going to talk a little about what you might do to keep these critters out of your house and away from you.

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