Grays – Part 3 (Defenses)

In two previous posts, I have outlined the UFO abduction scenario and offered an etheric alternative to the standard “space aliens experimenting on humans” concept found in UFOlogical circles.

I want to make it clear that, while I view the actual abduction as an etheric event, it is quite possible for the Negatives (the abductors) to come through from the etheric and take some semblance of physical form. These manifestations are what makes the phenomenon so frustrating to investigate – on the one hand, UFO’s and their occupants seem to be able to do things that our technology can not explain, such as disappearing completely in the blink of an eye, but, on the other hand, physical evidence in the form of burned spots can be found in a certain percentage of sightings. This ability to come through also makes the life of cryptozoologists harder as I mentioned in my post on Sasquatch.

The other thing that I want to state emphatically is that UFO abductions are real. We can not discount the pain, confusion and outright terror experienced by abductees simply because their experience happened on another plane of existence. This is like telling the experiencer of a really vivid dream that it is only a dream and to go back to sleep. While the dream is happening, it is quite real and the emotions that come back when the dreamer awakens are also exquisitely real despite our efforts to minimize them. Because abductions tend to recur, they can have a seriously detrimental effect on the psyche of the experiencer over time and, because the Negatives can manifest into some semblance of the physical, they can cause actual physical harm.

One of the primary issues that abductees voice is a sense of powerlessness. The Negatives go to great lengths to encourage this feeling of a lack of control since it makes it easier for them to get what they want. While I can not, in a short blog, describe all the steps that can be taken to prevent or interrupt an abduction, I do want to put some ideas out there for those who might read this and need help.

1) If you are or think you might be an abduction victim, first seek qualified help. No, I am not talking about your local UFO organization. Such people are wonderful at collecting stories and trying to get evidence and you might want to talk with them simply to validate your reality around the incidents but, in the end, what you need are some people who are experts in “combat magic”. What you are looking for is a magical group that can prove to you that they can do an effective banishing and warding of your property and, especially your sleep space, as well as a knowledge of how to fight the Negatives on their own ground if needed. If you are not sure what to look for, I suggest reading John Michael Greer’s book Monsters paying special attention to the last section where he describes the tools and skills of the monster hunter’s trade.

2) Be aware that, even if you are strongly involved in a faith tradition, the signs or symbols of that tradition and its prayers or exorcism rituals may not help you. They are certainly worth a try but experience has shown that oftentimes Negatives become more noxious rather than less after one of these rituals. Hang onto your faith since it will help get you through this time, but know that you may need to look outside the box for help and be willing to do that.

3) Since the Negatives are essentially astral beings who come to the etheric and manifest through that plane to our own, one of the things you really need is to understand how to keep them from manifesting and how to hurt them enough to get them to leave you alone. This is where the Principle of Three comes in: Prevent, Repel, Disperse.
a) Prevent – if the Negatives can not manifest in your area, then you are safe. You may have heard of smudging, a ritual censing of an area with sage. Sage is a preventative; it’s smoke repels and prevents the manifestation of etheric forces in an area. It has been used by Native peoples in the US for centuries to cleanse themselves and their ritual areas and it works! The Lakota actually surround their Sun Dance grounds with the dried plant so that the smell will keep all negative energies away (and they use the smoke liberally throughout the ceremony). Be sure that what you are using is pure sage. Other grasses mixed with sage may actually be used to summon spirits.
b) Repel – of course, you can not have a smoking sage wand with you at all times. In that case it is useful to carry a repellent object on you to discourage Negatives from approaching you. Silver is the etheric repellent of choice amongst those who practice defensive magics. If you have a faith tradition then this might be a way to incorporate the tradition into your defense – get a silver necklace or ring of one of your holy symbols – and, if you do not belong to a particular tradition, wear a ring or necklace of silver in a pattern that pleases you.
c) Disperse – read the faery stories. The one thing that you quickly find is that human beings of that age dealt with the faerie using cold iron as their weapon of choice. A human being going out onto the astral or etheric has to formulate a cohesive vision of themselves to be truly effective. The same goes for etheric entities trying to maintain a manifestation on our plane of existence. Iron disrupts the cohesion of the being’s form and makes it impossible for the Negative to stay on this plane. People did not hang horse shoes over their doors for luck, they did it to prevent Negatives from coming through that door way. The biggest problem these days is finding actual iron since most metal objects are made of steel. In a pinch, a cast iron frying pan is a very effective weapon for preventing the manifestation of etheric entities in your space.

No defensive strategy is going to work 100% of the time. The intelligent Negatives have had some time to try to work out strategies for getting around people’s defenses. This is why working with a committed magical group who are able to work on the etheric and astral levels is so important. They can go to bat for you, if needed, and may even be able to teach you how to do it for yourself.

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